The Cempaka Putih Foundation

Cempaka Putih Foundation was founded in 2007 by Gede Mangun, with the help of his friends and neighbors in the village of Songan, in Kintamani, to organize aid to families in need of medical care and to provide educational opportunity for the area’s youth.

English Program

Thanks to your generous donations, we are able to maintain our “Rumah Belajar Jason Hoffman” English Program for youth in the Bangli Regency.


The Cempaka Putih Foundation works with schools and other organizations to provide educational opportunities for youth in Bangli.

Health Care

Gede and the Cempaka Putih Foundation organize transportation and donations for remote families to receive access to health care.

Poverty Relief

The Cempaka Putih Foundation has helped to organize projects to improve housing and provide relief for residents living in poverty.

Pasraman Gurukula

On a recent scouting venture for Bali Sunrise Trekking & Tours, our fearless leader Gede (also founder of the Cempaka Putih Foundation) gave us an unforgettable opportunity to check out this inspiring school for underprivileged youth in Bangli. Starting our little...

Rumah Belajar Jason Hoffman

Time flies when you have fun "Time flies when you have fun at Rumah Belajar Jason Hoffmann. We must say that we are fortunate and grateful to have our rumah belajar. To assist in the education of children and see them grow. Honestly, without the support of our...
In 2007 Gede Mangun founded the Cempaka Putih Foundation to organized access to healthcare for families in the remote mountain region, and educational opportunities for the area’s youth.
I Gede Mangun

Founder, CPF

Sri Ayuni (Dewa Ayu Nym), is happy to help and teach! She teaches English at Senior high school in Kintamani. After her regular job she comes twice a week to teach the children of class 4-6 at SD Negeri 4 Kawan, Bangli.
Sri Ayuni

English Teacher, CPF

The Cempaka Putih Foundation

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