Rumah Belajar Jason Hoffman

Our English Program for Kids in Bangli

We have found an amazing and motivated English teacher, Sri Ayuni (Dewa Ayu Nym), who is happy to help and teach. She teaches English at Senior high school in Kintamani. After her regular job she will come two times a week to teach the children of class 4-6 at SD Negeri 4 Kawan, Bangli.

Rumah Belajar Jason Hoffmann is a renewed English program. In the past we organised Sunday school. Almost every Sunday Gede went to his village, Songan, to teach English to a large group of children. Often a volunteer, from abroad, accompanied him. They supported and assisted Gede. This was a big help to Gede, because every Sunday the class became bigger. The word was spread quick throughout Kintamani regency and more children were curious and made it happen to attend the class.

As surprised as happy we were, we knew we had to adjust this program at some point.

We knew we could not continue like this forever. We also wanted to provide the children a continuous learning program. Our plan was to find an Indonesian/ Balinese English teacher whom would be willing to teach and to set up a continuous learning program, to provide the children an opportunity to keep growing.

Jason Hoffmann was one of our enthusiastic volunteers. He accompanied Gede many times and made a difference in the classes.

Thanks to Jason Hoffmann, a good friend and devoted volunteer, we are able to realise our plans.

The head of the school, Ni Wayan Pasti, was very interested in our plans and made it possible for us to use a classroom after school hours.

Together with our talented English teacher we are of to a great start.

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