On a recent scouting venture for Bali Sunrise Trekking & Tours, our fearless leader Gede (also founder of the Cempaka Putih Foundation) gave us an unforgettable opportunity to check out this inspiring school for underprivileged youth in Bangli. Starting our little tour in the garden area, we were charmed with rows of neatly labeled herbs spices, as well some very interesting garden art.

We sat for a short time with the headmaster I Wayan Arsada, on the porch of the simple yet charming dormitories where volunteers and visitor are sometimes allowed to stay, where he explained a little bit about the Pasraman Gurukula concept and mission. Over the years, the school has grown, and now hosts children from all over Indonesia. As well as a standard curriculum, students learn traditional music and arts, and have won awards for performances of dance and yoga. Additionally, the school provides practical training in ecological agriculture, languages, and computer skills, to prepare students for a successful future.

We then took stroll around the gardens and library, and up past some additional dormitories, which are currently housing refugee families from the Mount Agung exclusion zone, on our way up to a rather impressive dance and music hall at the top of the property. We were then treated to amazing performances of dance, gamelan, and yoga, as the students prepare their routines for cultural event and competitions.

For more info, please check out Stephanie Mee’s Original Post, and contact Bali Sunrise Trekking & Tours if you are interested in booking a customized Culture & Agriculture Tour featuring this wonderful school!

You can also visit the Pasraman Gurukula site directly at www.pasramangurukula.blogspot.co.id (Indonesian Language)

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