Time flies when you have fun

Time flies when you have fun at Rumah Belajar Jason Hoffmann.

We must say that we are fortunate and grateful to have our rumah belajar.

To assist in the education of children and see them grow.

Honestly, without the support of our sponsors this would be hardly possible.
Our amazing teacher, Sri Ayuni, is very devoted. Her creativity keeps the students interested and enthusiastic.

She guides them in getting smarter and the students are doing very well.
To see how much progress the students are making, we test them. After finishing a book we have a quiz. The students take this quiz very seriously and try their best.

After the test we reward the top 1 to 3 with a special prize and the rest of the students with a new notebook.

The quiz moment is important and a moment to evaluate the learning- teaching program.

After some months of hard work we thought the students would like some fun time. That is why, yesterday, the 22nd of June 2016, we had a game day. Having fun and learning at the same time.

4 competitive teams were formed and ready to “rumble”!

They had to follow a route with puzzles, word games and fish blowing! The puzzles were quiet a brainbraeker but with the cheering and support of their teammates they could finish the puzzle fast and move to the next station. At the next station another teammate would start the next assignment. All ran smoothly until the end. The last station was an assignment for the whole team. Putting mixed letters together and form a name. Jason Hoffmann, a devoted volunteer, whom will remain in our hearts.

We also think it is important to explore and learn outside the school. Therefore, on the 15th of April 2016, after taking the test we took the students to the hot spring.

Pak Gede planned everything. He arranged 4 cars and made sure Toya Devasya, Batur natural hot spring was ready for 24 excited students.

The hot spring of Toya Devasya is an awesome place to relax and have fun. It is also a place that gives them the opportunity to talk to foreigners visiting the hot springs.

Some of the students started a conversation with a foreigner and you could see them grow in confidence. The foreigners were open to a conversation and the students thanked them with a  big smile on their face. Very brave and we were proud of them.

It is a joy to see them grow and have fun learning.

We started off with an in Indonesia made English book. We noticed it did not match with our teaching ideas/ plan. Therefore, we decided to make a book/ lesson program ourselves. We selected some chapters of the existing books, which were close to our expectations and made that into a “”new”” book. Even with that we still bumped into language mistakes in the copies and subjects were changed too quick. We noticed this also confused the students and they could not keep up.

Finally we decided to make the third book from scratch. We made the book according to our own ideas, following the progress already made and using subjects of the students interest. We decided to slow down, take more time per subject and most important take time for revision.

We noticed during classesthat the third book was great! The students liked it and showed initiative in going further in the book at home! They come to class more prepared and are excited to notify us that they have already finished some of the exercises of the following lessons.This was an awesome new experience for us.

We have decided to use this book style for now and adjust per teaching period.
The third bookis already finished and book 4 is being made as we speak. We are very curious to find out how things will proceed at rumah belajar and we will for sure keep you posted.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
~ by Nelson Mandela ~

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