About the Cempaka Putih Foundation

A Foundation for Poverty Relief in Central Bali

At the base of Mount Batur, most families depend on farming during the wet season while during the dry season not much plant life survives. For many families living in the remote hillsides of the Batur Caldera, access to basic health and education services is severely limited.

Gede Mangun is a native of this area, and has often been asked to lend a helping hand to families facing hardship. Many people in the remote areas of the Bangli regency suffer from severe congenital disorders, and have little access to medicine, sustainable food sources, and adequate water supplies.

Gede soon realized that the need around him far exceeded his capabilities as an individual. So with the help and support of his friends and neighbors, Cempaka Putih Foundation was born in 2007.

Gede has always placed great value in education, and it has always been his dream to bring greater education and opportunities to the people of the arid central mountain region of Bali. Nonetheless, while classrooms and schooling are a focus, obviously basic sustenance, shelter, and medicine are the first steps to rising out of poverty.

With this foundation Gede hopes to help people in need in a structured way.

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